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Fireside Chats with Mike Williams - January 2015

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Fireside Chats with Mike Williams - January 2015
3D printers have secured a place in our future, but their full potential is yet to be realized.
3D printers are currently being used by hobbyists, for industrial applications, by designers, and most recently to supply parts to astronauts. In the future, we can look forward to an increase in 3D printing for potentially limitless applications. Every month this column shines a light on the technology of our future- Fireside Chats' first installment of 2015 is the 3D printer. For $500 – $50,000 anyone can own a 3D printer, and many people are onboard- wading into the new era by printing Legos, cell phone cases, and coffee mugs. These pioneers are helping the technology gain tracking by exposing and normalizing the new technology to others. As more people adopt the technology, the printable templates that are available will expand to contain virtually everything, making Amazon Prime the new snail-mail. Manufacturing will be redefined and many industries will increasingly rely on 3D printing. Medicine has expressed an early interest in 3D printing. Stints, joints, and organic material like skin can be printed to create custom solutions. This is a great step forward in an industry where a timely skin graft can be the difference between life and death. Construction will see flying drones printing bricks as they build timely, cost-saving structures. The latest marvels of human construction could very well be printed. 3D printer technology will be more attainable for business and consumers in 2015. As progress is made, the barrier of entry will be lowered and adoption of the new technology will pick up. 3D printing has the potential to lead us to spectacular new places- printed organs, food, and new devices that were previously unattainable. After we’ve mastered 3D printing, 4D printing and beyond are waiting to be conquered.
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Mike Williams

Mike has been with HITECH since November 2011. He is a man of many hobbies, including drums, bikes and beer. Some of his certifications include: A+, Network+, MCPS, MCNPS, MS, Watchguard Firewalls


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