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Fireside Chats with Mike Williams - May 2015

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Fireside Chats with Mike Williams - May 2015

Everybody’s gotta eat and technology is helping us do it with style.

Supercomputer Chef Watson and Moley’s robotic chef are paving new ground in the kitchen. Both technologies are revolutionary approaches to get delicious food on our table. Every month this column shines a light on the technology of our future- this special Fireside Chats explores how technology is reinventing our meals.

IBM and the Institute of Culinary Education have teamed up to create Chef Watson, supercomputer. Chef Watson uses a database of thousands of ingredients based on Bon Appétit’s recipe book to pair ingredients in exciting new ways. The recipes generated by Chef Watson are finalized, prepared, and served with the assistance from a human chef. The cooking project has produced a cook book full of new ideas and a food truck serving Watson original.

Robotic company Mosley has unveiled a robotic chef that can cook over 2,000 dishes pre-installed on its digital library and has the capacity to download recipes from what they hope will become the “iTunes Store for cooking.” Mosley’s robotic chef was programmed to recreate the exact movements of Tim Anderson, winner of the 2011 BBC MasterChef title. Thanks to the robot’s 24 joints and 20 motors in it’s hands, the cooking is as fast and nimble as Anderson. Mosley hopes to provide a revenue source for amateur chefs who are able to upload their cooking techniques and recipes to the online store. Mosley’s robotic chef will go on sale to consumers in 2017.

What other new stuff will supercomputer Watson do for us? Design, health care, art- a computer capable of scouring the internet can find what’s needed and design it without human involvement. Will we see the integration of a robot like Mosley’s working with a supercomputer like Watson? Add a 3D printers to the mix and we can tell the family robot to redesign the living room while we’re out for brunch.


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Mike Williams

Mike has been with HITECH since November 2011. He is a man of many hobbies, including drums, bikes and beer. Some of his certifications include: A+, Network+, MCPS, MCNPS, MS, Watchguard Firewalls


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